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Poster Printing

The Benefits of Using an Online Poster Printing Company

Poster printing has evolved since the days of magic elixirs and side shows. The poster printing techniques have changed over the years allowing your business to choose from many options when promoting your products or services. Poster printing can be used for marketing, promotion, advertising, or simply to spruce up a room. Online poster printing companies offer quality products, quickly and at an affordable cost. As you design your poster printing keep in mind that the initial design of your colour poster can morph into other marketing tools. Your full colour custom poster can easily format into rack cards, door hangers, vinyl banners or wall graphics. Digital prints are easy to manipulate and are preferred when creating custom size banners and canvas prints.


Edge creative Print is an online poster printing company that can help you with your poster printing project from start to finish. We offer free design templates that will start you on your way to creating a full colour custom poster design that will meet your marketing goals. Our free design templates outline the trim, bleed and safety lines necessary for flawless printing. If you need individualized attention, our team of award winning designers will design your posterfor you. Their understanding of up to date marketing and design trends will set your poster apart from the rest.


After you’ve chosen poster specifications and uploaded your photo or graphic, a free PDF proof will be available for your review in a short period of time. After approving your free PDF proof, your poster prints will be sent to print and in your hands within a few short business days. If colour correctness is crucial to the design of your poster, a hard copy proof will be sent for your approval.


Marketing assistance is available to those who would like help with their next marketing campaign. We can also help you reach your target market through list procurement.


When it comes to mailing, our in-house mailing services will save you time and money. Live chat with a professional and learn how we can help with all your poster printing, marketing and mailing needs.


Suggested Techniques for Achieving a Successful Poster Printing

There are a few techniques you might want to consider before beginning the poster printing process. By following these simple steps, you will ensure that your poster design will be as vivid as you wish it to be.


Printers are set up to use the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) four-colour poster printing process. Unfortunately most PC monitors are not. When RGB or PANTONE colour palettes are converted to CMYK, the colour hues will most likely be changed. Online software is available to help you design your poster using the CMYK four-colour process.


Be sure to take advantage of our free design templates. These templates offer the layout information you need to ensure that there are no problems when printing your uploaded file. If you fail to follow the trim, bleed and safety guidelines, pre-flight will remove your job from the automated process. This will result in additional production time, slowing down your print posters.


Go BIG! Posters are best seen at a distance so it is important that the size of your photo or graphic is large. Printing large posters helps you get the attention you need to successfully promote your product or service.


The weight of the paper used will impact the outcome of your poster. A 100# gloss text stock is recommended for poster printing. The addition of a UV coating will protect your poster from UV rays and other weather related variables.


Remember to always proof your poster before printing. Whether you are printing large or small, proofing is essential.


Offset printers allow you to save money when ordering a large number of posters.


Start designing, printing and marketing, your custom colour printing with today we will put you in touch with a print professional who can help you with all your printing and marketing needs.

Poster printing
Wide format Printing

Posters A3, A2, A1, A0, B0 Wide format printing company at your service. Cheap colour posters, short run and long run poster printing. Amazing quality at wholesale prices. We print all the standard posters sizes as well as custom posters. Checkout our wide format printing prices below. Printed in Sydney, Delivered Australia wide.


Digital, Inkjet and Offset for large quantities. We even offer offset printed A0 Poster, not many companies can.

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