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Large Format Photo Poster Printing

Designing Large Format Photo Posters

If your business has chosen large format photo posters as part of its marketing strategy, you will find that the design through print process is virtually the same as that of a standard poster printing.

One of the first tools needed for designing large format photo posters, is to understand the client and their expectations. The client has the wisdom to guide you with message, product and customer demographic information. This will help you formulate large format photo posters that will attract and entice the target market.


Next is budgeting. After choosing the size of large format posters being designed, you can then allocate funds necessary for design, additional printing services, printing and distribution.

Large format poster printing most commonly uses a product, model or combination of the two as its central design element. Text is sometimes used in cases where a key word or phrase produces the most impact.


Most commonly the key design element is placed in the center of the custom size, large format colour poster. A better solution is to place the photo a little bit off center. This adds a bit of abnormality, and heightens interest.

When placing your key design object slightly off center, it is important to create a sense of balance. This can be accomplished by adding a smaller photo on the opposite side of your poster, offsetting the central piece.


Large poster printing must keep its’ images and photos in proper perspective. In order for the eye to move freely through the posters design, size and scale of the foreground and background must be logical.


In order to ensure quality colour printing, the resolution of your photos or graphics must use the highest possible image size and quality. We recommend designing with photos in a 300 dpi format. This will ensure a high quality large poster printing.


Benefits of Online Printing Companies

As your business prepares to print large posters, you have the ability to save time and money by using the services of an online printing company. is an online printing company that can help you with your large format poster printing from start to finish. Whether you require offset or digital printing, we will help you choose the printing process that is right for you.

If you are a do-it-yourself designer, we offer free design templates to help you through the process. Our free design templates point out the trim, bleed and safety lines you need to ensure a stress free large poster printing. For those who need individualized attention, our team of award winning designers is at your beck and call to work with you in designing a one of a kind custom photo poster. They will even help you choose the paper that is right for your colour posters. Custom stocks and sizes are available by using the custom quote form.


Enhance your digital photo poster printing with the use of foil stamping, lamination or die-cutting. A UV gloss coating will extend the life of your poster by protecting it from outdoor elements. A less expensive method of protecting your poster's life is by adding an aqueous coating. An aqueous coating allows you to write upon the large format photo poster whereas a UV coating does not.


If you need assistance in designing your next marketing strategy, our team of marketing professionals has the experience and knowledge that will help you succeed. They will help you improve upon your already successful strategy by working with you in selecting the marketing tools that will support your initial poster campaign. You may choose to supplement your campaign with door hangers, wall graphics, vinyl banners, canvas prints or even a window cling.


In order to save you additional time and money we also offer in house mailing services.

Speak with a print professional who will help you get started designing your large format photo posters. Live chat and learn more now!

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