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Small scale marketing tools such as paper flyers might come across as innocuous in terms of their impact, but have the potential to play an important role in reaching out and updating your current and future customers of your latest offerings. There used to be a time when the only flyer designs available were black and white or of monochrome scheme. Now however, with the innovations in colour and digital printing technologies, the creative and design possibilities for flyer printing services and their customers have reached a whole new level.


When looking for where to print flyers, it is also important to know that your flyer design is ready to compliment the print quality.




The Design process

While designing a flyer, it is important not to lose sight of its basic purpose, that of promoting a certain product, service or event. So the first step is to ensure that all critical information is accounted for in the copy even before you start visualizing its look. Some of the basic things to be incorporated in a flyer are:


Large and colourful graphics for general appeal.

Hard hitting headings and punch-lines to attract attention.

Compact text used sparingly, making the flyer easy to read.

Using bullet points for important details to retain viewer interest.


Design Tools

An important tool needed to design a decent flyer is a basic design software on the lines of Adobe Suit, Indesign, illustrator and Photoshop. Such software allows one to edit and add the sort of content and graphics that are necessary to generate an acceptable flyer that is meant for professional print promotions. Although it is alright to use elementary office software to do the same, but the final product might not be look visually as appealing as you would want it to.


We at Edge Creative Sydney, strive to provide our clients, big or small, the highest standards in flyers and leaflet printing anywhere in this country. Our unique procedures set us apart from the rest of the pack. Not only is customer satisfaction of the highest priority to us, we price our products with extreme conscience and consideration, making us one of the most economical flyer printing services for businesses all across the country.

Apart from the standard print material, posters, brochures and flyers, we offer printing services for premium, foiled, embossed and Die cut business cards. We also offer a wide range of speciality finishes for our final products. To know more about flyer designs, call us at 02 9567 3182 or get a price online and order instantly.



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