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Upgrade your promotions with the elegance of fabric for the best visual impact.


Try Edge Creative’s Creative Fabric Banner options

Waratah Fabric Banner


This is the most popular fabric as its has many uses. It is a strong fabric with minimum stretch making it suitable for trade show booths, shop front window displays, exhibition backdrops, curtains. It keeps its shape well.

Trilobal Fabric Banner


This fabric is glossy with a slight ribbing to its weave. It is strong and is very useful for street flags, large indoor banner printing within shopping malls - perfect for either indoor or outdoor displays.

Pennant Satin Fabric Banner

Pennant Satin

This fabric is a lightweight soft, shiny and silky feeling fabric which adds elegance to indoor banners. Use it with a rod at the top and let it attract attention as it catches small breezes in your window display or instore.

Fabric Banner

Pongee Satin

Printed on one side the image bleeds through to the other side of the fabric giving a reverse image. Used in the wind flags for reverse image it can be used outdoor or indoor to great effect.



The sheerest most delicate fabric is great for corporate branding curtains or any light weight solution. It has some stretch in the material.

Supertwill Fabric Banner


Ideal for table cloths - brand it with your logo for corporate functions. It is water resistant.

Fabric Banner Printing

Fence Wrap Fabric Banner

Fence Wrap

Used mainly on fences to great effect - printed with company logo and details of projects and promotions this adds an extra dimension to any construction site or outdoor event or general signage. A very strong fabric with small regular holes to allow breeze through.

fabric banner Waratah Fabric Banner
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Why are Fabric Banners so important to your business

Waratah Fabric Banner

Trilobal Fabric Banner

Pennant Satin Fabric Banner

Pongee Satin Fabric Banner

Voile Fabric Banner

Superwill Fabric Banner

Fence Satin Fabric Banner

People engage with fabric Banner experiencing both the visual and the sensual impact of the promotional image. Using Direct Dye Sublimation process great detail can achieved printing on fabric. It is light-weight, flexible and all the fabrics we have on offer are cold machine washable, water-resistant and have short-term UV-resistance. Try fabric for you next promotion and experience its advantages.


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