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Today, when digital marketing rules the arena of advertisement campaigns for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and the attention span of prospective customers are shrinking rapidly, a graphical and colourful piece of paper still seems to holds the ability to impact the minds and emotions of a targeted audience. A tangible promotional item such as a brochure or ad flyer can grab people’s attention, and hold it longer than an intangible online ad. A marketing flyer has the uncanny ability to amply serve its purpose of reaching out to prospective clients and affect their opinion about a particular product, service or event. No wonder then, that its popularity is steadily going up in this age of bits and bytes.





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We are a Sydney based printing service that specialises in flyers of all shapes and sizes, including A3, A4, A5, and especially large sizes such as DL flyer printing. With larger print sizes, resolution becomes an important factor, especially if it’s a coloured output. Any copies of flyer designs that are submitted in multi-media formats for final printing must be of a minimum density of 300 dpi. This factor decides the colour depth and quality of the printed product. It is important to remember that the higher is the dpi, the better is the colour quality of the print. Any compromise with this might lead to a sub-standard flyer with a grainy final output.


At Edge Creative, we promise our clients a personalised service, a uniquely creative approach to flyer and brochure design, and top quality products. We also pride ourselves on our ability to pass on great value to our esteemed customers. Are prices are competitive on a country wide scale.


Our aim is to provide the highest standards in printing products and services in the greater Sydney area, and all across Australia through our website. We challenge our creativity with every new project, and thrive on custom based assignments. We have on offer several package deals that include printing and signage. We even specialise in developing websites for business houses. Check out Edge Creative’s web services page for more information on the variety we offer. Our in house designers are raring to go and ready to take on any and every graphic design and web design assignment. And last but not the least - we have on offer a range of competitively priced web hosting products on Australian based servers.



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