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Creating Customised Posters Online

As your business looks for inexpensive means of promoting its products or services, customised posters may be the tool you are looking for. Poster printing companies are now offering customised poster printing services on the internet. With just the click of a few keys, you have the ability to create customised posters online. Designing and printing customised posters on the internet will save you time and money. Edge creative Print offers the customised poster design, marketing, printing and mailing services that will set you apart from the competition.


When beginning the process of creating customised posters, it is important that you review your budget. By allocating the funds necessary for design, marketing, printing and distribution, you will start the printing process on the right foot.


In order to create successful customised posters you must first understand the product or service, end-user, client, competition and overall poster message. If you do not have a clear understanding of the poster's goals, the design process will be frustrating and tedious.


Once you’ve established the customised posters message, it is important that you stay focused. Keep the message simple. Simplify text by using statements or phrases as opposed to complete sentences. Omit unnecessary text or graphics. A mock up version of the poster will allow you to review for flow and content. If you overwhelm the viewer with unneeded information, the message will be lost and so goes the possible sale.


Customised posters should guide the viewer easily through the poster using text and graphic cues. Space, balance placement of text and graphics, headings and gravitational elements should be considered when creating customised posters. The eyes should draw the eye from top left to bottom right.



Text is often used to summarize the message, while at the same time relaying the information needed to persuade the viewer to take action. Graphics too can take an active voice. A photo of a man and woman taking a stroll along the beach can very easily suggest that it’s time to take that long needed vacation.


Colour attracts attention so make it bold! If using text, make the background light and the text dark for contrast. Overly bright colours attract attention however can tire out readers eyes. In this instance create a poster using bright colours where graphics play a key role in the posters design.

Edit your custom size, full colour poster before you print. Friends and coworkers may be able to pick up on a design flaw that you may have missed.


Suggested Techniques for a Successful Customised Poster Printing

Convert your PC monitor to the CMYK colour process to ensure that the pre-flight conversion process does not affect colour hues. Online software is available.


Take advantage of free PDF templates outlining the trim, bleed and safety lines necessary for a successful printing process.


Choose the right paper needed for printing custom posters. 100# gloss text is best suited for outdoor use and adding a UV coating will help extend the life of your poster.

After you upload your design, be sure to proof your poster. A free PDF proof will speed up the process, whereas a hard copy proof will ensure colour accuracy.


The Benefits of Using an Online Poster Printing Company is an online poster printing company that offers you the customised poster printing services needed to be successful. Whether you are printing large format poster prints or rack cards, we have the design, print and marketing services available to help you exceed your marketing goals. Live chat will get you started by putting you in touch with a print professional.

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