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How to Design Custom Posters Online

All the tools needed for designing custom posters can be found online. Whether you are creating custom made posters that are displayed as art, shared with friends or for your place of business, custom printed posters are fun and easy. Edge creative Printing can help you print high quality, full colour, custom posters, fast and easy.

When you’ve decided on the type of poster you are about to create, turn on your PC and let the fun begin!

Artists who would like to reach out to those who cannot afford the prices of traditional prints or paintings, can now service this sector of the community through the use of custom posters at a fraction of the cost. Online poster printing companies, offer fast, easy and affordable custom poster printing options, saving time and money.


For those who are free spirited and adventurous, check out all the online sites that allow you to upload free colour images and photos to your PC. No matter the subject, options found on the web are endless. There are even sites that allow you to insert your photo or photos of your friends into movie posters or celebrity pictures.


Your business can create its entire marketing campaign using an online printing company. A poster that is created to promote products or services can be transformed into large format banners or canvas prints.

Tips for Creating Posters Online

As you create posters online, be sure to choose a printing company that offers the services needed to complete your project. Many online printers offer free design templates, design assistance, marketing and distribution services.


Have fun when designing your poster. Posters don’t have to be in colour, they can also be in black and white. It just depends on the subject matter. The image or graphic of a poster should summarize its message. If you are creating a promotional or inspirational poster, keep the copy short and to the point. Old horror movie posters actually inserted large text over or directly above the graphic, adding an attention grabbing effect.


The bigger the better! A large poster is more likely to attract attention than a smaller one. Before printing your poster, request a proof. A free, colour proof is offered on most printing websites. However, if you require colour correctness request a hard copy for review.


The Steps Needed for Online Poster Designing

Determine the layout of your poster. If you need assistance with your layout, there are online companies and tutorials that will guide you through the process.


Choose an image to be used on your poster. Remember the image chosen should reflect the message you are trying to convey. By searching online, you will find several companies that offer free stock photos and also photos that are paid for.


At least two font sizes should be used on a poster. The largest font should be used in the heading.

Last but not least…Don’t just settle for your first draft. Revisit your design at a later time or ask a friend for their opinion.

Criteria for Designing Posters

Colours, imagery, background colour, language and size chosen for custom poster printing all play an important role in he poster's message. It is critical that you analyze all aspects of your design, ensuring that the message comes through.


Edge creative Print can help you design, print and distribute your next poster. Live chat to speak with a print professional now!

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