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Commercial Posters

Defining the Term Commercial Posters

Commercial posters are an advertising tool used to promote products, services, people and events. They are inspirational and can be used to promote propaganda messages. Edge creative Print offers marketing, design and affordable high quality commercial poster printing services.

How are Commercial Posters Used?

As your business prepares for its next marketing campaign, the use of a commercial poster is sure to help increase sales of your next product launch or promotion. Posters have the ability to attract attention of passers by, through the use of colour, design and content. Successful commercial posters have the ability to visually summarize the product through colour and design, as written copy briefly informs the intended user of its benefits.


Printing commercial posters is both cost effective and marketing savvy. Commercial printing services provide large quantity of posters for just pennies on the dollar. Full colour posters draw customers in when placed in windows of their respective retailer. They can also be displayed in public places, reinforcing your product or brand.


Digital printing not only enhances the quality of a colour poster while offering many options. For businesses attending trade shows, your commercial poster can be transformed into custom size vinyl banners. These vinyl banners can by mounted or hung at your booth drawing in potential customers.

The design of a commercial poster can be carried through on stickers, brochures, labels, tags, sales sheets, hang tags, rack cards, flyers postcards and door hangers. These items can be distributed at your next trade show or marketing presentation.


Promotional posters are used in the entertainment industry every day. Theatrical acts distribute and post promotional posters around an arena and about the town in order to promote an upcoming event.

Not only do posters promote movies, music, theatrical and dance events, they also promote the artist themselves. A promotional poster has the ability to transform an unknown actor into a superstar in what seems like a matter of minutes. As their face appears to be seen everywhere one looks, interest is tweaked and they begin to reach popularity. At the height of their popularity there is money to be made. Young teens idolize them, paying money to purchase a poster and the poster is proudly displayed in their locker or room.


Not only are teens buying posters, so are adults. Many adults collect movie posters, and there is no amount of money they are not willing to pay. No matter the genre, the public is eager to spend money on posters.

Where Can Commercial Posters Be Found?

Commercial posters can be found in businesses, schools, public buildings, trade shows and throughout all forms of transportation. Smaller versions of posters can be seen in magazines as ads. Larger versions can be found along the roadside as billboards. No matter where you look, you will see a commercial poster.


Anyone can purchase a poster featuring their favorite movie, actor, television show or event. No matter what your interest, there is a poster available. Just go online and search for a poster of your choosing.


Online printing companies allow you to design your own poster. One of the printing services offered allows you to insert your person of choice into the setting you’d like to see them in. Poster printing can be easy fun and inexpensive. Consider giving a personalised poster to a friend or relative. It’s a fun and easy way to personalize a gift for that special someone.


Get started designing and printing your next personalised commercial poster now. Live chat will put you in touch with a print professional to discuss all your options.

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