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Half of a standard size paper A4, A5 flyers make good little advertising material that has several uses. By using different thickness stocks one can utilise this economical size and made the most of what it has to offer.









Whether you are a business corporate, a grocery store, a night club or a newly opened saloon, the importance of advertising is well understood by everyone today. With the changing trends of marketing newer modes of marketing are picking up pace. Print media and printing industry since long has been a prominent catalyst in promoting business activities. The print media has taken many forms to bring the consumers and the advertisers face to face. Out of the many forms the print industry has taken, flyer printing is becoming popular day by day. This is because that flyer printing makes itself as a great way for spreading the word for your business. It has been observed that most modes of advertising are a lot dependent on the visuals they share with their audience. Alike other modes of advertising, even flyer printing is also a lot dependent on visuals.



What do we think?


At Edge Creative, we believe that creating high resolution visuals or simply filling in the information is not just what printing is all about. For the information to be presentable it is all the more important that, the information should be presented in an attractive yet systematic manner. For doing this, A5 flyers can amount to be very handy. The biggest advantage associated with flyer printing is the cost of printing. Apart from cost, there are a number of other advantages and benefits associated with Flyer Printing.


Typically flyers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate and present the information effectively. It has been observed that A5 flyers are highly preferred form of flyers most popularly being used amongst business entities and even individuals to advertise their products and services across people. Promoting your organisation or your product with the A5 Flyers is simple and inexpensive. All you need to do is to actually distribute the Flyers at public areas, leave them inside doors or just drop them in the mailboxes. According to recent surveys, the A5 Flyers have been found to achieve excellent results at most Night Clubs and Spas, as potential modes of marketing and promotion. The 150gsm glossy paper of these Flyers make it ideal for the visuals to exhibit their true expression and message across the readers.


While Flyer printing like any other mode of printing does cost money, you would be surprised to note that the cost incurred in Flyer Printing is almost negligible in comparison to the cost incurred in promoting your product or organization through other modes of advertisement.


Edge Creative Printing has coined its name over the years by the unmatchable and expert services extended by it in the field of hard printing. To enjoy marketing and advertising success with A5 flyers, discuss your requirements with us by calling us at 0295673182.



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